Hi! I have an HL-5140 laser printer and it was working fine and then all of a sudden my computer doesn't recognize that I have a printer. The printer is plugged in and turns on. I called Brother and they attemped to start the spooler but it wouldn't work and then they said I have to call tech support for the computer. The only thing I have done recently is that my Nortons anti-virus softeware expired and I didn't have it for a few days and then I downloaded Nortons again a little while after, and my printer stopped working somewhere in between this time. Can anyone help? I use a parallel port not a USB for my printer and I have Windows XP.


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I would take the 'treat it as a new printer' option and reinstall the drivers etc. Extreme, I know, but often works in such situations...

Have you actually tried ensuring the print spooler service (and its dependencies) are running. Go into control panel -> administrative tools (under classic view) -> services

It should be set to Auto and Started.

If that fails, try the advice in the above post.

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