Hi my issue is alittle different than most peoples, Im not very savvy with computers and I have tried a few different methods but here it goes...

My monitor will not make video connection at all on startup, Everything is completely connected in back. I do not make it to the windows screen what so ever and it just gives me a error saying theres no video signal detected, it was working fine last night, It was updating I believe, I turned it off to let it reboot for the next day, and now the monitor has no video connection at all. I have a 22" hanspree monitor and it is brandnew with a gateway build pcu. It was working fine earlier

I tried methods like taking out some of the ram and that didnt make a difference either ( Its not beeping and it i hear if it beeps 3 times its the ram, its not doing that)and I dont see really how my video card would play into this because it was working just fine yesterday...

Any other possible problems? Something I might be missing please help :(


Some monitors have a switch on the front allowing you to switch between different inputs.

It should be next to the power button. Have a look and see if this is the case.