My USB and COM ports stopped working recently, reformatting-reinstalling didn't help.. After sometime i installed linux..

Instead of repairs, i was advised to buy an internal PCI USB card.. but all the packages available say "Windows 98/2000/ME/XP".. Although the shopkeeper says it'll be functional on linux, i don't really wanna risk it coz Linux is not very common here.. Should i buy it??

I'm using Ubuntu Edgy..

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i got a £12 (thats about 25 $USD) usb card from PCWorld and it runs fine with linux. get a cheap one - there usually fairly generic so work fine

the same applies to network cards

most cheap usb card will work fine with linux. i have a cheap one running on slackware right now and it is just fine. and if it does need a driver there are millions of people out there that use linux (especialy Ubunto) so if you find a card that needs a driver there is probably one out there.

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