Hi all,

I been building my own pc's for last 5 yrs or so, ever since a disagreement with loc al shop, who ripped me off £400 in repairs over a 6 month period, so i decided to fix my own from then on.
I am making my 7th-8th pc as i like to have 2 going all time I brought an Antec Solo black case to start for £70.00 Now i am looking at PSU for it, at moment looking at corsair ax620W module, I am undecided whether worth while haveing a quad core, have dual core at moment, So really am after info on a good gaming motherboard, and a single graphic card from nvidea, mainly as i dealt with nvidea for 7 yrs and know how to test it, and set it up, thinking a GTX 8800 may be my choice CPU will be AMD as usual as i have better consistency last 4 yrs with amd since changing from intel where i kept getting probs with motherboards. I hav e to budget money wise to buy the bits so c an take 2-6 months to build one, if u can give me an idea best type motherboard & cpu which go together with my case, and above mentioned graphics card. and a 400 harddrive prob western digital then i can look at which parts i buy next.

cheers jon

quad core suitable for server not gaming ,as stay with dual core ,from what i have read,power consumption main concern i think

take 2-6 months to build one

As I'm sure you know, 6 months is a long time in computer tech. By then the new Nvidia cards will be out (expected to be the gtx280 with a die shrink). If previous trends continue that would make current gtx280 cards cheaper.

You might be wise to wait until you have the money and see what's about then.

Personally I'm getting a Q9550 on a 780i mobo with a GTX280 because I'm sick of my old AthlonXP with AGP graphics :) Not cheap tho.