Hello my friends....

System info:
Dell Dimension B110
Motherboard: Dell Dimension 8110
RAM: 512
Memory:512 DDR 400

Will not power up @ all!
Only sign of life is the small green LED on the motherboard next to the control panel connector (J7J2)

-I replaced the power supply and still having the same symptom.
-Removed power switch and placed jumper on pins.... Still no nada.

Thank you in advance for tips and suggestions

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If theres no form of power and you're sure the power cords is plugged in correct than Im afraid you're mobo went kapoot.

That's what I'm afraid of..... The only sign of life is asmallgreen LED lit up on the motherboard. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I think thats what I have to pass on to the owner.


I would also wager that it is the motherboard too.

it could be ram,also non onboard video like pci or agp video card ,,unplug all power plugs inside, except the 20/24 pin one to the mother board and the 4 pin p4 plug if there is one plugged into the board,also remove all pci or agp cards if any .

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