ok I bought a ECS A780GM-A motheboard, an AMD 2.5 quad core black edition, and 2x2048mb sticks patriot ram, I have it all together and what it doing is, the motherboard only has 1 IDE slot so I just have 1 200gb hard drive and my dvd burner now when I go to install windows xp home it gets the the screen to install press enter of repair press r when you press the key the computer restarts, now when I plug in my 2nd hard drives that had windows xp home on it it come up with start in safe mode etc when you click any of the different modes the computer restarts, one has told me that I have to do the clock speeds and voltage, all the setting for the ram (patriot viper ram) now I am a newbie with the bios stuff
any help that anyone can give I would be greatful or if you have any other ideas of the problem I would greatful

thanks lathen

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sorry I only have one of the stick of ram in right now, as soon as I can login to windows I an going to upgrade to vista 64 bit


Perhaps you do need to manually set your RAM settings, something I've never had to do personally. Firstly I'd try loading the BIOS 'optimised default' settings, as the RAM should really configure itself.

Do you know the model number of your RAM?

If you go to THIS LINK and choose the type of RAM you have (PC8500=1066MHz, 6400=800), the 'specs' page will tell you what voltage you need to set your RAM to. HERE is an example of some 2x2GB Viper that wants 2.1 Volts. HERE is some that wants 2.2volts

Let us know how you get on. Someone else will probably have a better idea than me.

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