Hey guys!!!

I just got a new mobo and ram. A DFI LanParty NFII Ultra B and corsair XMS dual channel 2x518 mb. Now at first i installed my ram on my old mobo an A-Bit NF7. Something happened, i heard a crack noise as soon as i turned it on, and i didnt get any video at all. So i figured i zapped my mobo. I have an AMD Athleon XP 3000+. I install my nice new mobo and i did everything correctly, i aint a noob. Now when i try to turn my new mobo on, it comes on for like 1 second and turns right off. I try to do some diagnostics to my comp to try to figure out what it is. I take out my vid card, then it beeps once really quick and turned off in the same way. I figure its not my video. I dont think ram would cause it to turn off right away in the post. Now the really interesting thing is that when i remove the cpu from the socket, the mobo stays on, but obviously nothing happens, but it stays on. So i figure its the processor, just wondering what you guys think and your past experiances. Thanks a lot. I dont figure my other hardware specs are important

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I'd try a new processor and new memory. Have you tried one chip of RAM in one slot, and then booted it? If it's bad memory, that will root that out? If you try it with no RAM, the system should at least beep loudly.

I bought some SUPER CHEAP RAM recently, and my system would beep very loudly, then the fans would die and the system would power down. It took 3 processors and 2 motherboards to finally realize how dumb I was to buy 256MB of PC2100 for $20.

Well RAM dosent usually make a comp just shut down instantly, and i removed the ram and same thing, i put in my old ram and same thing. I either suspect the PSU or the processor.

You're probably right on either of those parts. Do you have spares of those items you can swap?

Hmm i tried a new psu and same thing. Too bad its sunday or i would see if i could get a used crappy cpu to see if it will work, ohh well there is always tomarrow to do it. I let you guys know.

Do you have another system? A friend's system? I'm sure you could borrow one to see the result...

Ya but no AMD processor =[] hes an intel fool. They will never learn i guess. AMD all the way baby. I sent the processor to a pc repair store cuz i got no time to fool around with it anymore, i like to support my local pc store and so should everyone else

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