Asus M2N-MX SE Plus mobo, AMD 64X+ 4400 dual core processor, 2G Patriot Dual Channel DDR2 RAM, 800W PSU, Geforce 9500 GT video card, Apevia case.

Got it all put together, even went online to find a guide to the case (some use risers, I was sure to install them under the motherboard to prevent shorting). The system powers up, all fans and lights come on, but no beeps whatsoever and the monitor never initializes. When I take one stick of the RAM out, I can get it to boot into BIOS and then to the "Windows was shut down incorrectly what would you like to do" screen (where I can choose safe mode, etc) but once I choose any option, it simply reboots itself. I had another machine do this once where it would boot into bios with one stick of RAM and not both but it ended up being a bad mobo. I would hate that this one be bad out of the box since I usually like ASUS quite a bit. Any ideas as to what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated, thanks : )

Wont let me edit for some reason. I pulled one stick of RAM from it and it gives me 3 short beeps before loading up (did this w/ no drives in) with both sticks I still get a dead machine and no screen when booting up. I think I'm going to try and get just a normal DDR2 RAM to go in it, I read somewhere that this board doesnt do well with dual channel DDR2.

EDIT: Was trying some other ideas I found on here and after restarting I got 2 beeps and a "
dqs training failed on previous boot, reverted to slower dram speed" message.

Ok, took the board out, put it on a piece of cardboard, applied power with both sticks of RAM in, nothing, no beeps, nada, zilch. Took one stick out, got the standard 2 beeps and was able to get into BIOS. Still lost as to whether its the RAM or the mobo, any ideas?

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