My friend's PC when it is turned on first displays the mother board manufacturer's logo and then freezes.At first loud beeping could be heard then it stopped.I think the problem is with the RAM but is not sure about it.Does anybody know what must be causing the trouble?

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Try using different RAM chips to check whether it works with it or not, if it does then you know the cause of the problem./ if not then there are other things to check which would be checking the connections, cooling fan etc as that might not be working properly causing the CPU to overheat.

Try these and let us know if it works or not.


We have tried connecting different RAM chips and none worked,so the problem must be with the motherboard.And I don't think overheating of the CPU can be the cause of he problem.

Yeah that seems like it, may be the RAM slots are not working on the mobo. If its under the warranty then you should nt have any problems getting it replaced.


Yeah checking out the RAM slots are also worth a try,there are chip level service centers who can get the slots replaced fro you.

But that might void your manufacturer's warranty, specially when the cause of your issue is not certainly known. I d say the best option is to get it back to the manufacturer and let em have a go at it. If they sort it well and good, if not at least you should be able to get replacement or money back at least. That is if you have any warranty on the system in the first place.



CLear CMOS, Make sure ALL connections are in , even CD drives....

Still dont work? start un pluging things.....Find what is causeing it

try booting up with only one ram stick in your first slot in order to get into your bios, I dont know what mobo you have or how many gigs of ram your using but some motherboards and some of the ram u use have to be stable @ 2.0 or 2.1 volts in order to be stable, and some have to be run at 2-T timmings depending if your running 4 gigs of ram, have you upgraded anything or is this system a new build? again try booting with one stick I believe in slot 0 your first dimm slot or memory slot and see if you can get into bios to make changes for stability. Hope this helps. Peace Cobra.;)

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