I have an ASUS A7V8X-X mb with 2 HDS, both partioned X2; 1.5 gig RAM; a 2 gig AMD processor.

This is kind of a long storyi. I began getting Boot Disk Failures here awhile back. They would begin once in awhile and grew to nothing, but Failure. I had an old Zip drive in the case, never using it. When I would reboot sometimes the HD indicator on the case would stay lit, and sometimes the Zip light would stay on constant. I finally took the Zip out of the mix and reconfigured. That got rid of the Boot Disk Failure and everything seems to be running harddrive-wise just fine. All of a sudden the Secondary Primary and Slave, DVD player and DVD burner are not recognized by the system. CMOS says Auto, but when Windows boots there's nothing there. At the DOS splash screen my Primary Master and Slave show up just fine, but the Secondary Master & Slave don't show up even though CMOS indicates Auto for both. I've unplugged the cabling & power then replugge and rebooted. Also, the HD LED indicator on the case stays lit constantly. I feel there's something in CMOS, but can't see a path. Any input will be appreciated.


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can you try ro reset the CMOS and then try to manuall check whether the DVD burner are recognised


can you try ro reset the CMOS

I've not reset before and I'm not sure of the procedure.

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