After I installed Windows service pack 3 my computer will not boot up past the screen with the little white dot moving. After it boots up I can plug in the Western Digital External HD and my PC will recognize it. I have been in touch with Microsoft support re problems with Service Pack 3 and we have gone through everything, including updating the system BIOS.
Don't know if this is related but my system cannot find the path to the ScsiAccess.exe program.

They did tell me that SP3 is not compatible with the 1394 feature component. Does anyone know of how to get around this other than a hotfix that Western Digital has not come out with yet.

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Get back on SP2

Lurk is right... SP3 has really been messing things up. the best way to fix it would be to go back to SP2. there are just too many bugs in it right now. re-load SP2 and wait for the next release of SP3.

Thank you both so much foryour input. I am taking this into consideration. I am also contacting Western Digital to see if they have come up with a hotfix or patch yet. I understand that it is a common problem with the WD External hard drive.

Again, thanks so much.


Yes it is pretty common place in the WD world. my company just bought like 40 of those little 160G WD Passports. only about 1/4 of them work. they didn't want to bother with fixing them so they just sent them back. you would think WD would figure these problems out and get it fixed because you know they are loosing money on all of them that are returned...

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