I saw another thread in this forum about an HP Pavilion ze4500 that wouldn't turn on, but this case is a little different: previously, this laptop's battery would not hold a charge, so we had to keep in plugged into the charger every time we used it. Recently, however, it has begun holding a charge and lasts on it's own for about 1 hr and a half.

Today, it suddenly turned off, but was charging. Soon the light indicated that it was fully charged, so my sister unplugged the adapter and tried to turn it on. The light flashed for a moment, the hard drive seemed to start (buzzing noise) but then it didn't start. So we plugged in the adapter again, but no light came on to show that the laptop was on AC power...nothing. When we tried to turn it on this time, no response at all. It's completely dead.

We've tested it with many other adapters, same problem. My question is, should we buy a new internal battery? Is it possibly the motherboard that needs replacing? And if so, is there any way to recover the data on there?

Thank you for any help!

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Hi there
By reading your post its most likely that your internal battery was malfunctioning for a while before it just gave up on you.by replacing the internal battery you might find that it was malfunctioning indeed.Worse case scenario say your mobo is kapoot you can still get your data since it is on your hard drive

Good advice there sittas87. Is it possible that your mains adapter has blown? I have had a laptop mains adapter that the fuse blew on...

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