I have a Gateway Laptop Model# M350CRV. Running Windows XP.. 1 gig memory 30 Gig Hd. The computer has been running hot...but I started using a cooling pad that has 2 fans... usb connection. This laptop was super fast without ever missing a beat... 2 days ago...I was using it and it froze up.... Tried to turn it off, but nothing so I unplugged...! Now it will not come back on... NO lights with battery in, nor when it is plugged in. The battery lhas always lasted 1.5 hours...

I took the case off, everything looks Normal was some dust I used compressed air for that stuff. Does not smell...Nothing..

Any ideas.....

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Pull the battery and ac power for @ 10-15 minutes. Then try to power it up on ac, don't reinstall the battery until you have brought it up and shut it down properly.


I got it... I read another threat on the same thing, they said to look for the reset button on the bottom of the laptop... pulled battery off, hit the button with a paper clip..walla...light action.... shut down laptop, replaced battery..started right up....


It did sound as a result of overheating though. Doesn't give any other obvious reasons for it. Maybe change the fans to an AC unit...lol.


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