Ok - I bought a Dell 17" tft off Ebay recently , used it for a day all seemed fine. The next day I had blue screen of death , the cmos battery had gone , changing the boot up , so I replaced that and comp booted up no probs BUT now the monitor would flick on for a second then go black , windows was fine in the background..

If I held the moni on/off button sometimes the pic would come back and even maybe stay for an hour.

I tried the moni on the upstairs computer - same thing , so I grabbed the old school monitor from upstairs with an hard wired vga cable in its back and this works fine.

I assume the moni is then broke and get refund.

Now I buy another (samsung) from Ebay , plug it in my comp ... same thing.
Take it upstairs no go either , bring the old moni back down .. works fine.

In the mean time I had tried next doors widescreen 15" and that worked fine but I didnt like the screen size..

So have I been unlucky and bought 2 duffers or is it possible my computer as done it - blown 2 monitors??? Im tearing my hair out!!

use the LCD screen and set the resolution to 800x600 with refresh of 60. then try the old monitors. if that does not do it make sure you have it set for single gpu / output.

how do I check single gpu output? you mean set res on old big monitor then plug in tfts?

Forget the bit about dual/single gpu if the monitor from next door works. Plug in the TFT and set resolution to lowest it will accept. Now try the old monitor(s).