Hey All

Glad to be apart.:)

Need a little insight on a problem that is just
driving me crazy.

If this was covered previously - sorry.

I have this one particular Machine, running on a
Asus P5N-E NFORCE 650I SLI motherboard.

The graphics card is the;
XFX GEFORCE 7300LE, (x16 PCIE 256 MB).

OS – Windows XP Pro

Now – for reasons I can’t seem to figure out,
I cannot get any video out put to the monitor!

I tested the graphics card on another unit
and it works fine – no problems.

Nothing is loose, nothing missing on the
MB that I could see.

Like I said – I just can’t figure this out.
It’s probably something so obvious that I’m
totally missing it.

Oh yeah – the case was banged “accidentally”
on the top - that’s when problem started or
shortly there after.

Any help would be much appreciated
Thank you


if the video card and monitor are known good, there's no issue with the connections between the two than that leaves the motherboard. It's either an issue with the BIOS (corruption or settings) or a physical defect in the board.

If there is on-board video hook the monitor up to that to see if the default output just got changed.

Disconect the CMOS battery while the system is powered down to reset everything to system defaults (this should resolve any settings issues).

Test another video card in the system (I'm assuming you're comfortable with this since you went the other way to test your video card.

Try the video card in PCI-E2, since this is a SLI motherboard (I'm not sure this will work right, but it's worth a shot)

If none of those steps resolve the problem then it's probably just a toasted motherboard.

There might be some useful general info on this site, but I want to point out that this is a Desktop NOT a Laptop.

Thanks - I'm now pretty sure the MB is crap,
I'll just swap it out 'n' rebuild it.