I am having a problem which I now starting to become more and more frequent , while doing some CPU intensive tasks like playing games, running vm machines my computer shuts down abruptly , there is no apparent reason for that however when I check my power supply after that than its very hot ?

and also the shutdown is not a clean one i.e. although the computer shuts down but still the caps, num lock led's on my keyboard remain on and computer does not start again unless I put off the power from mains and wait for 15-20 mins

what does it mean ? do I have a bad power supply or some other problem ?

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id say its the psu. theres not enough power to supply yoyur hware.btw what is your pc specs incl psu watt

is it really twitchy when it shuts down? or does it just quit? it does sound like your PSU have you made any hardware changes recently?

while reading this tread that falcon responded to im thing that It can be any other hardware that is starting to malfunction.I have a pc at home where the 160g hd is causing it to do axactly the the same.look into your event viewer for leads
PS : PSU is still a possible cause though

yea there are a number of hardware issues that could cause this problem...

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