I deleted this {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} I saw that it was in my reg. many times and it all looked like the one I needed to fix my CD-ROM
Now my mouse wont work!
I hate this regestry thing!!!!
I have tried safe mode.
I am going to run over my $1500 comp. w/ my truck if I cant fix this!

Well if you deleted a registry value I would say your screwed. Im sure theres a way to fix such a thing. I dont know the value to replace it with. First unplug the mouse. Reboot. Plug it back in. It should work, if not Call the company that built your PC. Explain your problem They should help you.

I cant, they charge $35 and are very stupid and cant speak english. I will never buy a toshiba again!

did you try what i said? about reinstalling it?

I cant do anything. All I can do is restart windows. It is a usb mouse.

well if its USB it should reinstall its self. Also if you didnt know you can do everything you can do with a mouse, and even more with just the keyboard.

your typing are you not?, lol. Unplug the mouse and plug it back in. On windows 2000 and above it should reinstall, and it might even install on 98 if im not mistaken.

I am on my work comp. My laptop is next to me and I am running XP.

ok, well like i said all usb mice will install them selves, as soon as you plug them in, well all mine do. I dotn know any other ways to fix this issue unless its a system bio's problem.

oops u deleted a registry value. thats important man!@!!think a million times before doing sucha thing again. what u can do is reconfigure your mouse or maybe the pins in the connecting cord are broken or have bneen damaged. do check it out it happens sometimes and just dont panic. check your keyboard also. if the pins are damaged you are gone for a gud buying spree. :twisted:

Ok my key board works but not on windows. my mouse still doesnt work. I have the restore disks but I cant run them because the cd drive stopped. I think my reg. is sooooo screwed!

wow man. Im sorry to tell you but your screwed. Everythings dead on you now, well not dead but in capable of running when you deleted that value you really screwed things up, the only thing i could recommand doing is editing bio's but yet again you cant because it wont read your keyboard, but it should on a boot up, also did you try a boot up with with the disk in the drivce. If tis doesnt work order a linux distro. If you use direct internet and not Wireless then it will be easy to set up a network. Other then that you'll have to totally try to find a way to pull a format, or buy a new hdd. But keep the second one and make it a slave, so you can format it and use it as a second hdd for windows or w.e, i do that, well did and labled it drive D, and saved all zip's on there so they wouldnt be lost on a reformat.

if you need to as a last resort buy a windows xp cd and reformatt your pc, you will lose all your saved documents tho since you can use your mouse 9 unless you know how to navagate with your keybaord). so think about it

I am willing to lose the info I have on it. I just wanna get it to work again.

I am on my work comp. My laptop is next to me and I am running XP.

If you're running XP, then you should be able to "restore" to a point BEFORE you messed up the registry. Try doing that.

I didnt consider that an option.. umm, well not every one has that set up. Hopefully it works for him (=

question, does anything USb work?

if it doesnt have u tried reinstalling USB drivers, maybe you can find some drivers that will work, since you can damage it more then it already is, try dells usb drivers or some universal drivers from mocrosoft

then just reformat your harddisk and reinstall your operating system. u said you have win xp???. if yes then i am sure that u will install it using the ntfs file system. and if u log on to the internet dont log in as being the adminstrator. ok best of luck and next just dont foul that registry thing leave that alone.

yes reformatting well deffinatly fix your problem, but like I said before you will lose all your saved work on that HDD

u should have made a bachup. its a gud practice believe me i am telling u this out of experience i had lately!!1

If you can get a cd drive from someone else's laptop install it.It will boot outside of Windows unless your connector is broken.

Insert the Xp installation disk and choose repair with the keyboard

It looks like a full installation but it's just repairing all the system files including the registry

When you boot back in you'll be facing a blank desktop.Don't panic,all those files are in the hard drive,usually in documents and settings/yourusername/desktop or something similar

If the cd drive connector is broken or it won't work for some other reason there is a slim chance you may be able to access another cd drive via Lan.Choose boot from Lan on the boot menu(probably only a slim chance and for this you will need to use a work computer like a dell optiplex as they come with pxe booting configured)

You can take the HD out of the laptop and connect it to a desktop machine and re-install XP from there. Make sure you set up your Boot.ini correctly though, Otherwise you will get an NTLDR error. Here's what it should look like:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

my mouse Wont Work 2 .. Confusing .. i Tried all of the thing that u teach . but seen to me it cant work at all ...

can some body help me my mouse all ways frezz and i all ways have to press a key to move it for about 5 or 6 sec can some body tell me how to fix my mouse its realy anoying.

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