Looking at building a new computer since my desktop fried the other night (6 yo). Anyway, can anyone gives pro's or con's concerning the Intel P4 ~ 3 ghz compared to an AMD 64 bit ~ 1.8 ghz. The P4 is 32 bit but has a higher speed, whereas the AMD is 64 bit with less speed. Does the 64 bit make a big difference where the processor speed of the AMD could be equevalent to the Intel P4? Thanks for the help.

That AMD, in almost all situations, will actually outperform the Pentium.

Comparing the clockspeeds means absolutely nothing, as they are different types of processor, which perform the same job but do it in different ways!

The 64-bit actually has nothing to do with it, as the AMD is actually a 64/32-bit processor, and will act simply as a fast 32-bit processor with Windows XP installed. It won't operate as a 64-bit processor unless a 64-bit operating system is installed.

But the end result is, unless you plan to perform some rather specialised tasks on your computer, the Athlon64 is the 'winner' in the pairing by a small margin.

As well as being a darned sight cheaper, which is another plus for the AMD.

(Truth be told, I'm actually an Intel man, can you not tell?). :D

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