Hi! My PC does not boot but all fans are working(including video card), hard drive makes sound on start up, and so does optical drive. After turning on the PC the Hard drive LED lights up for quite some time. And I do not have to prolong pressing the power button to turn it off. I got an on board and PCI video card. I set on BIOS to use PCI express Video card. Aside from a booting problem I get a blank screen, no signal is received by the display.

The problem started when I replaced the CMOS battery because date and time is not correct. I hold on the power button to turn of the PC because I was in a hurry to get the CMOS battery. I do not have monitor instead I use the DVI port of the video card to connect to the TV.

I shorted the border to return BIOS to default setting and still the same problem. I also removed the RAM to test if it beeps and it did. Before I had the same problem it was because I had a very low PSU. The PSU was not able to run the video card so it used the on board video card and was able to boot. This time however I do not get a boot and no display. The only thing i changed is the CMOS battery.

CPU Athlon 6400 X2
Memory 8GB
PSU Silverstone 500W 30A 12+
MoBo AlievNF7G-HD720p
Video Card GeForce 8800 GTX

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> I do not have monitor instead I use the DVI port of the video card to connect to the TV.
I would suggest you get (or borrow) a real monitor and plug it into the real monitor port of the video card.

It would seem to me that your secondary video output needs to be re-configured in the BIOS settings (which you lost) before you'll see output on your secondary display.

I was also thinking the on board video card may be the default instead of PCI-e since i changed the battery. However display is not the only problem, the PC is not booting. That is the reason why I am hesitant on getting a monitor. I know it is not booting because the windows start up audio did not sound. Any way I can determine the problem w/o having a monitor?

Update to my problem:
If I use the default BIOS settings the PC boots but I change something in it the PC wont boot and I get a blank screen. In order for me enter BIOS I had to press F2 several times after I press the restart button. F2 is the key to enter the BIOS setup. Thank you in advance.

So do you see anything with the default BIOS settings?

Yes everything is fine /w the default BIOS setting. I can see something and PC works fines. However I need to change the boot sequence from Hard Disk to DVD-ROM. Presently OS is XP 32bit and I am upgrading to Vista Ult x64. But if I manually input the values on BIOS exactly same with the default settings it still won't work. In order for it to work I have to select "Default Settings". When I say it does not work I meant no signal is received on the monitor(its like on stand by) and PC ain't booting.

I hope someone can help me soon.

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