Hey I have a power supply in my comp that i use most now and it is 100w(max). I have an older psu that has a 230w max output, I was just wondering if there would be any advantages in replacing the 100w psu with the 230w psu. Now I know that older means its a little more susceptible to breaking down, but if it does i can just put the 100w psu back in. Oh yea they are both ATX.

nevermind, I have taken apart my computer and discovered that i cannot use the older psu, because it doesnt have a wire for the processor fan, and i have successfully taken my computer completely apart and and put back together and its working! I am really learning alot.

I want to upgrade to a 500w power supply very soon. I just need to know if HP will support a different power supply unit. Seeing how HP is proprietary and all, I have a ASUS CUW-AM mobo, and currently a 100w PSU. I had an old DELL psu that I tried to get working with it but it would not start it up. Of course it is the standard ATX. So if you could just tell me whether I can even put a different PSU in that would be awesome.

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