My video card is a BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC and my monitor is a Samsung LCD model 2443 BW. I'm using XP Pro. I'm not having any problems with this system and everything works perfectly, but a recent visit to the windows update website showed that there was a driver update for my video card. I didn't download it mainly because I wasn't having any issues with my video card as it is now. Does anyone here have this video card or download the driver update from Microsoft? It dosent say what the driver update is supposed to improve and you know the rules " if it ain't broke, don't fix it " lol!!


No. Never ever ever download driver updates from MS. They generally break your system

If you want to update your drivers get them direct from the Nvidia Website, but as you said, if it aint broke, dont fix it.

jbennet is so right! My Quaddie has a 7600 and we only took the upgrade drivers from Nvidia.

But sometimes (I've not seen it with Nvidia), Windows updates device drivers like the one for my Viewsonic VX2235wm in Vista. No harm done there - but for Nvidia, Nvidia is the authoritative source.

It is never a good thing to update hardware drivers from MS as i have days and days of troubles with it! IF you have a Nvidia card then get your Nvidia drivers from them, there are a lot of advantages of updating you gpu drivers like performance increases snd stability but if you do not have any problems with games or anything like that then there should not be any problems with not updating!