my computer crashes all the time like every 15 mintues, my computer crashes sometimes when im starting my computer the comp stays on but my monitor goes blank and the little light on the monitor blinks yellow and green as if im away and also i cant turn my video card which is a Geforce 6800 gt up to good graphics, they have to stay under normal to play any kind of game otherwise it all just goes away. I reinstalled xp and it still did it so i was wondering if someone could please help me find away to fix it, i would be very greatful. thx

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It sounds like you have an overheating issue.

Did you make any hardware changes before the problem started?

A good test to see if your case isn't ventilating properly is to open it up, thoroughly spray away all the dust from the heatsinks and boards, and pointing a powerful fan directly into the case. If your computer seems to behave better (takes longer to shutdown), you definately have a heating issue.

If your system isn't overheating, it's very possible that you have a power supply that is faulty or going dead.

A good test to run is Memtest86. You download the program and burn it onto a CD. Then you boot your machine with the CD. The software will run a thorough memory test that will stress your system heavily. If you receive memory errors, it's possible that your RAM is bad. If you don't receive any errors while running the test and, after leaving the program running for a few hours (such as overnight), the test is still running, your hardware is most likely fine and the problem is software related.


well my the gadge on my comp says 21.1 C so i dunno but about the dust thats what another guy said but the thing is that i had my computer for about a week and then it started doing this, right now all 5 of my fans are working (including video card fan and cpu fan


Just because the fans are running doesn't mean that your boards and chips are being properly and adequately being cooled.

Did you run any of the tests that I mentioned?

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