Hi.... I just got a screamin deal from a roomate of mine. $10 for Pentium III, with 128 mb ram, 10Gig HDD and the rest I added to it.

On the initial boot up I get a request for a password. This seems to be a password request which is setup in the BIOS becuase it comes up right after the basic post before Windows starts to load. The computer displays the Gateway logo during the post procedure. I Don't know what to try next to bypass this password request. Any suggestions?

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You should be able to clear the Bios Password by resetting the bios.
Look up the specs on your motherboard and you should find a jumper that you can connect momentarilly that will reset the bios to startup configuration.

An alternative way is to remove the cmos battery until the caps bleed down and it goes back to the ROM specs.


oh you have posted it in 2 different section GO Look at the answer i gave you in your other post........ :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@ it has a whole load of stuff


Hi guys! Thanks for the info...... What I did do is pull the battery and let the capacitors discharge. Problem solved.... The computer was running XP and had a username and password already on it. bad news there.... Used a WIN 98 boot disk to get to fdisk and then reformat the drive. Then I loaded WIN 2000 executive version on the drive and whah lah !!!! Run great and on a very stable platform! Thanks for expandin' my knowledge base.

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