Hi everyone,

I'm a new member. I just joined this forum in the hopes that someone can help me fix my laptop. Basically, its been acting a little strange and freezing up a lot. Yesterday it froze and I had to hold the power button to force a shut down, when I tried to turn it back on the screen was black but the power light was on. The lights on the cd drive flash and the fan and motors go on for a second, then nothing happens. Also the keyboard seems to lock up after the fan and other boot activity stops.

I've tried different configurations of the ram chips (i.e. removing one, rearranging them) and removing the battery and booting with just the power supply but neither work. I also saw something in another thread about removing both the battery and power supply and holding down the power button for 30 seconds before plugging in the power supply and turning it on. None of this worked for me though :(


how about over heating ,have you had it cleaned of dust and dirt in the heatsinc and fans,it doesn't take much dust to cause it to over heat

Hmm... I've never had it cleaned, but I'll open it up and give it a shot. I've had some problems with it overheating and shutting down in the past, but could that really keep it from booting even after the computer has cooled down? Unless something was fried by the heat.

Hmm... Unless something was fried by the heat.

could be ! actually you don't need to take it apart ,buy a can of compressed air and blow it out from the outside