Last friday in the wee small hours, I heard my pc restart. I got up saturday morning and the computer was frozen up, I have no idea for how long. So I hit the reset button, and then nothing. It won't POST or anything. So, I reset the jumper, and nothing. Tried a number of things I saw in this forum, pulled the ram to see if I had a bad stick, yanked the video card, disconnected the HD, and still nothing. I thought perhaps the motherboard died, so I bought another, and still nothing. The system powers up, but nothing beyond that. So does anyone have any ideas as to what it might be?

BTW the system is as follows:
AMD 5200+ dual core processor
was running on an Asus M2N32 SLI deluxe mother board
now is an M3A78T motherboard
2 1 GB sticks of crucial PC6400 DDR2
an XFX 8600GT video card
and a 750GB seagate HD
with a 500 GB external HD

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Sounds like you ran the basics of isolating the problem. Good job. You replaced the motherboard and you say it now powers up but you see nothing? When you power up with the new motherboard do you hear any POST beeps?

You might need to start the process over with the new mobo in. Try removing the RAM and powering on. Do you get POST beeps? Most mobos with give a beeping error with no RAM installed. If you hear nothing, you may have blown your proccessor and old mobo at the same time. Is your cpu fan working?

Thanks for the tip, replaced the chip, it boots now. The issue now is it's taking forever to boot, something like 5 or 6 minutes, whereas before, with the old set up perhaps a minute. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Thanks.

Could be a bad drive. Try:
1) Get a LiveCD of Ubuntu and try to boot off that, see how it does
2) Replace the HDD and try a new install of Windows

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