Currently I have three IDE channels. The first two are ATA 100, the third is 133. Ideally, I wanted to use the third channel for my two HD's (which are IDE133 compatible) yet when I built the system I could not get it to work. I ddin't mind and simply connected the HD's to the first channel.

However, I now have a 5 IDE devices, so I need to use the third channel. I would like to connect the two HD's to the third channel, and use the burners on one channel and the CD drive on another - but it just doesn't work.

I've updated the drivers. Swapped the devices around numerous times but I just can't get it to work.

Any suggestions?

Its a AOPEN 4XPE Max M/B.

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I should also add that the third IDE channel does not show up at all in the BIOS.


is the third channel the RAID channel? what motherboard?

Aopen 4xpe Max. AFAIK it isn't the RAID channel.


Looking at the Aopen website, they don't list a model motherboard by that name. Can you re-confirm that? Also, are you sure it's not a floppy port?

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