Over the summer my computer developed a weird problem where it would turn on to a gray screen, turn off and turn back on, do that a few times till the logo finally came up. I did some troubleshooting, couldn't figure out what it was, and eventually it stopped happening.

Since then maybe once every two weeks it would do the same thing on start up, but once I finally got into windows, everything ran perfectly. I asked around and no one seemed to have any answers.

Well tonight I got home after a long day of class, with a ton of work I needed to do, only to run into the problem again. Main issue this time was I couldnt get it to go on for the life of me. Frustrated (and going through a massive cold I might add) I tore into the laptop. I switched out RAM, tried different slots, reseated everything, reconnected all the wires there were to no avail. When I finally unscrewed the heatsink from my vid card, I noticed two of the soldered metal fasteners that the screws go into to secure themselves into the mobo had snapped off. So now my vid card is sittilg attached only by 2 screws instead of 4. Now after a break I decided to see if the problem could possibly be caused by a poor connection from by card to my mobo, so I booted it up while holding my vid card tight against the mobo and behold it started.

The reason I'm posting here is I still find the problem weird. Once the computer booted up I flipped it up and over to re screw it in and there were no issues. I figured if it was lose the computer would boot down if it lost the connection again. If anyone has any insight into possibly what the exact problem this is, it would be most appreciated. I uploaded a video to youtube so other people could see first hand what happens:


it seems you already figured out your problem man. but if it starts again then there might be some issues with the video card overheating and this may have been the cause of the two screws becoming loose.

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