I recently (in the past week) have moved to a new house. So, naturally, i brought my four computers. The computer having trouble worked perfectly fine last time I used it - last Friday (It's now Wednesday). I simply unplugged it and brought it to the new house and plugged it back in.

Upon plugging it back in I switched it to a different case, which I ended up undoing because of some oversights. Now it is in the original case, with the exact same hardware setup. Upon doing this the only components that were powering properly were the heatsink and the CPU.

After troubleshooting it appears the PSU didn't want to do its job anymore. The video card isn't sending a signal to the display it seems. Several people and I have been through the troubleshooting (IT professionals and students alike) process and the only thing we can think of is the video card being dead.

I hold that this is improbable. There's no reason for the video card to be dead that I can think of, it worked perfectly fine last time the computer was on. Here is what we have done

-Tried multiple video cards, no signal on any of them
-Tried powering on with every component isolated, it's now a power issue
-Changed PSU to one with more than enough power
-Checked adapter, it's not situated wrong
-HDMI plug pins are perfectly fine and it is securely fastened
-LCD monitor plugs on both ends are secured and not damaged

No matter what, the computer boots but there is no video signal. Help meh. I would like to access my five drives..it'd be neat.

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as improbable as it seems, this can be a loose memory card. The lights will come on but the startup routine does not get far enough to turn the monitor on. It won't hurt to pull and reseat everything in your case and clean it thouroughly. If you haven't cleaned in a while, just a speck of dust can be dislodged in a move and cause havoc.

Whatever it was, I fixed it shortly after asking for help (isn't that always the case?). It may have been loose video card, although the card wasn't loose in the slightest bit. Meh.

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