I am building another machine and want to swap video cards. The newer machine is just for certain things and I want to take the video card I have from my other machine I built in Dec. and put it in my newer machine because my older machine is for more heavy duty things. It is a 7900 GS PCIe and the new board will have PCIe 2.0. Will that work in this board? If so, what would be a good card to use for my board now that is the old standard PCIe under $125? Will the new 2.0 standard work in my board or is it best to look for a card that is of the old standard 1.1? The new card will be running a 24" 1900x1200 monitor.

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How important are the stream processors?
The visiontek 4850 has 800 where many of the GTX and + have only 112.

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