Does any one have an idea how Bluejacking works?

1. Select your area carefully, you need an area with plenty of mobile users, stations and areas with business men and women are best but supermarkets and other places with large groups of people are also good.

2. You'll want to pre prepare a few contacts to send, fill in the first line and perhaps some of the other parameters like email, but most bluejack victims will only see the first line, it is possible to send photos too this can be great once you have identified a victim.

3. Scan for Bluetooth enabled phones, go into your phone's contacts select the card you have already made and select "send via Bluetooth" this will start a search for all Bluetooth devices within a 10 meter range.

4. You will see a list of the phone names in range, pay attention as these will often be the phone model name useful for identifying who you have bluejacked or at least amusing to find who has a phone named "sexy bum", quickly select one phone and send the contact, Bluetooth will take a while to deliver the contact so speed is important to get your victim before they move out of range.

5. Having sent the contact you should get the confirmation "card sent" and then listen for the SMS message tone of your victims phone. Success you've Bluejacked!

6. If you can identify who you managed to Bluejack then you can follow up with a specific message which will really freak out your victim, for example " hey that's a funky hat" or "what train are you catching" the best messages are often very humorous and should amuse your victim.