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That's a real shame. What exactly happened when you flashed the BIOS? Give us a blow by blow description.


I looked on HP's website and couldn't find any information about BIOS recovery. A retail Asus motherboard usually has a BIOS recovery routine, although a floppy drive might be needed.

You can call or e-mail HP tech support and see if they have any suggestions.

I can't think of any other options besides replacing BIOS chip or motherboard.

One should only flash a BIOS when absolutely necesary unless there is a recovery option available. It's a procedure that's done much too often by end users and can result in a useless PC -- as you found out.


Flashing the BIOS got you into the predicament you are in now. Since it won't POST and there apparently is no BIOS recovery option on that motherboard, there is no way to reflash BIOS.

Motherboard or BIOS chip? -- either one. Appears that BIOS chip is socketed and readily removable.

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