hi all, me again..

i have a 4 channel PCI sound card in my system and i want to buy a set of 6 speakers 5.1, my soundcard is on this link:
im not sure if that soundcard is good enough for the speakers i want, will i need to buy a new soundcard? :rolleyes:


Dolby's Pro Logic II can fake it from two channels (stereo L, R)
But thats kinda fo.. then you fade f/r like 8 ohm car audio
and bridge l&r together (monoraul) for a 4 ohom center. in the dash
add a set of kicker 15" and two ghetto aftermarket 25A Amps and Viola
5.1 car audio that sounds like crap. just like it did in the late 80s / early 90s.

They recommend 6 channels.
one for each corner. (4) a center (1) and a sub (the .1)

if im honest with you, i didnt understand a word of that, lol
im not the biggest expert,
basically i want a set of 5 speakers and one sub woofer cos im a fan of nice surround sound, but i wasnt sure if i could do that with just a standard soundcard
i believe i need to buy a new soundcard but how much should i spend on that,?....

from what i can see, its not compatible with 5.1, i think you'd have more audio jacks than places to put them.

and... .... not too much apparently.. :D

check this one out..


Oh goodness, gecko, you wouldn't want that card if you're any sort of audiophile. I'd suggest a Creative SBLive! 5.1 as a minimum acceptable card, and preferably an Audigy2 ZS card for really good quality.

yeah, but danniboy said he didnt want to spend too much, so i found one thats cheap as chips :P

i personally have an audigy 2 zs platinum pro, and its fantastic (need new speakers... the boost the audigy has causes crackle if its too loud :))
i have minor problems with involving inputs (it changes them.. so if im using a mic as my input, it assumes changing the primary input to midi synth will be just fine =/ ) but for sound quality, it certainly is top notch. well worth the 150 notes.

i think im gettin an audigy zs soundcard 4 xmas :D
its not the pro one but its more than good enuf for me, so im gonna go wiv tht!! thanks 4 ur help again guys :)


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