hi all
please could someone help
i was wondering if anyone has had this problem before and knows how to remedy it.
Basically i just purchased a sound card just a basic 6 channel pci card (kob c884) as my onboard sound stopped working for some mysterious reason which i faffed about with in BIOS and couldnt get it working also all the onboard codecs are working according to device manager but nothing appears in but everything is locked and faded in sound and device properties strange hay. anyway i bought the new card disabled the onboard sound in in BIOS the card then set up with the PnP. the sounds were fine but when i tried connecting to the net (i use a linksys ethernet pci card)i got the dreaded "page cannot be displayed" so after a bit of tinkering i took the sound card back out booted up and the internet was fine!? so i downloaded the latest updates for the sound card :cheesy: placed the card in installed and still the net wouldnt connect BUT the sounds still worked fine and also it made my onboard sound work!? so i took the card back and checked my onboard sound and it didnt work again. but the net did. so i put the card back in and the net didnt work i checked under device manager everthing was in good order. so i tried putting the sound card in another pci slot and had the same problem. now im stuck and dont know what to do next:sad:
im running xp pro on a P4 machine
any input would be gladly appreciated:D

ps also if i could get my onboard sound working it would be cool;)

Re: PCI Slot problems 80 80

a quick update ive found that usinig the knoppix live-cd i can configure the onboard sound (intel corporation 828820 820 (camino 2)AC97 Audio) to work under knoppix but it still doesnt worh in windows.
Also i had used unPnP by gibson research to disable PnP which i have enabled again and i THINK that may have been the problem but it still dooesnt work. and i had disabled sys restore to save space so i cant restore(i wont do that again)
any ideas
thanks again

Re: PCI Slot problems 80 80

ive checked through IRQ and i dont THINK its conflict of them but i was wondering if it could maybe conflict with my AGP slot??! also i dont think it would but if i moved the ethernet card would that make a difference??

Re: PCI Slot problems 80 80

well for anyone who is interested or has the same problem. i had to unninstall the linksys ethernet card reboot. install the sound card reboot,then insert the ethernet card install then update the the driver with the latest e-net card drivers reboot and bob is your uncle fanny's your aunt. but i still dont know why it didnt work staight away because i couldnt find any IRQ conflicts!!
ah well i sorted it my self :)

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