All right. Here is my little issue with my CD/RW. It's been workin' fine for quite awhile, then it starts not seen the blank disks, except a very few of them. Let's say, 90% of the time it dosen't seem them. I've gone through about 2 Spindles (100 CD's), and that's about how many burn, or it sees.

Now this is the kicker. My CD RW media is fine. Burns, has fun or anything. Just my Blank CD-R's that giving me crazyness.

I've also tried different software. Nero (Latest), Ashampoo, Roxio, so on and so forth. None see to see the blank discs. My Brands I'm using for the CD's are Sony, and Memorex (48x). I was using Memorex, except the last 3 CD's gave out. I've also updated the Firmware for it, as well.

Just curious if the CD is burning out, or what.

It's a LTR-16101B (Lite On_ 16/10/32

Any suggestions would be appericated.


Thats what mine did when it burnt out !


Doh. Thanks. I figured that's what it was, but I just wanted to make sure. =( Sad thing is, I'm a poor college student, and don't have the funds for a new one for a little while. Hehe.

Oh, well.