dearest techs
i am at my witts end but i feel there may be a community here that can lead me in the right direction! thanks much for your very anticipated help

here we go...

i am running a celeron 1.7 that i built several years ago. i have a spacewalker motherboard and i have two ide hard drives and an old ide hp cd-writer. i have a creative labs soundblaster live 5.1 sound card installed in the pci. just recently i added a matrox 16 mb dual vga graphics card. now, when i am playing music (i usually use winamp but i have also experienced the issue while using napsters program) and surfing the net (most prominent with firefox, but also noticed in ie) i get these beeping ssounds when i click to load something. when i go into my ebay, it will beep constantly until the page is fully loaded. and if i click on another tab it will beep then too. the beeping does not happen if i am not already running a program using the sound card. does anyone have any idea what this might be? i have upraded to the newest drivers for my sound card. the problem is that i also installed some a/v codec programs just before/after i installed the PCI graphics card. i have since uninstalled the software. XP automatically found the driver for my matrox card. if there is any other info i can give, i will be happy too! thanks

I would try reloading the a/v codecs to see if that corrects the problem. If it does, try uninstalling them again afterwards.

Reloading might overwrite with uncorrupted files and stop the behaviour.

thanks for your quick reply,
two things:
1) i am not sure how to reinstall codecs
2) i installed the drivers for the sound that came integrated into my motherboard, tried using that and i am no longer experiencing the beeps. can you give further advice?

My further advice is that if the beeps are gone the problem must be fixed!


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