I've had probs with my sound card - it plays very very very quietly (can only hear with ear pressed up right to speaker!) even though everythin is turned up to maximum. I had AWE32, swapped with SB Live from another PC - still not working. Swapped graphics card to one from other PC that I know work together. Have replaced motherboard & same prob. No on-board sound or graphics - now using Gigabyte GA586HX.

Running on Win98 - doesn't say it's SE but USB card works. P200MMX processor & 112Mb RAM.

Any ideas?

Help again!!!

I thought it was our old m/board that was at fault, but we've still not got any COM ports either!!!

What can be the prob???

Sounds to me like the motherboard drivers are not installed.

I have not seen a motherboard that had to have drivers for the com ports to work.
(Usb and IR and firewire ports... MB driver disk)

The ones I have seen have all been enabled or disabled in the bios/cmos setup

Did this motherboard ever have full sound?
(Not just whispers that you have now)

Do the speakers work on another system?

Are you plugging into the correct jack?
(Is it Firmly seated)

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