I just installed XP on my computer. I did a fresh installation, not install it over an existing OS. Now my sound card won't work. Everything looks like it should run when I looked in Control Panel. But still I get no sound. I even deleted the sound card in Device Manager and rebooted the system and had the drivers reinstalled and still don't have sound. It is about to drive me nuts!!

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What sound card? What software was installed with the drivers? Did you install it fom a CD, and if so what CD?

I am sure the soundcard did not die, your probably have not installed the drivers for it, sound cards are not like graphics cards most graphcis cards can work on genric drivers but most soundcards special more advanced ones e.g. 5.1 can not work on genric drivers. They need there own driver to work, make sure you have the newest version and that the sound card is plugged in and all. Probably just a little mistake, if not it may have died. How old is it and what is the name of the sound card.

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