Hey everyone, I have a Compaq DVD-ROM DVD-115 drive and its giving me horrible results. I am also using an HP Pavillion 7855 desktop, which originaly came with a DVD-ROM and worked fine for 2 1/2 years. That DVD-ROM is in peices, but I hope to get this one to work :o . It's also an EIDE drive, and was automatically installed by XP Pro...AS A CD-ROM!!! So it does read Data CDs, Audio CDs, and Computer Disks fine, just not DVDs. I have searched forums, compaq/Hp website for device drivers...no help they were. It seems other ppl have been dealing with the same problem. Someone did say that CD/DVD drivers are becoming unstable and 'stop working prematurly.' If anyone has an idea, I would be sooooooo glad to hear it :cheesy:

I cant seem to play any DVDs or CDs on my computer, een when I go to windows media palyer. Help!

CSilwizya please make a new thread don't hijack other peoples threads.

As for Geekmaster, I have this problem every now and then, the drive dies every 1~2 years and I get a new one.

But if you really must fix that one, shutdown take of the DVD-Drive and the IDE cable, start the PC let it boot wait a couple of minutes then shutdown and plug it back in. This sometimes works but I suggest you buy a new drive there extremely cheap nowadays, I got mine last month for 25$ I remember when they used to be 300$.

If you have another computer try plugging the drive in there to see if it is working. In which case it is actually a driver/windows fault.

If you don't have another PC to try it on You can get Ubuntu from Ubuntu.com make a Live Cd and boot and click Try. It will give you a Live ubuntu Machine running from CD. Hmm you will need two drive to do this tho, 1 to run Ubuntu the other to test if the DVD still works.

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