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Got any links? I've never heard of one, but with a lifetime warranty, I would at least consider dropping one in a server box that I'd never touch.

<edit> Just checked out their website, did a Google search. Never used one, or know anybody that used one, but if you don't plan on doing anything like overclocking, it might be pretty nice.


I JUST bought one and am having LOTS of trouble. only got throught to tech suport once, the other 3 times I left a mesage and am yet to get a return call since Tuesday!

Had a hard time with SP2, can't open the ziped HP driver file I dled from the hp site (windows says its corupted, I re DLed it 3 times. Tried to install SP@ from a file I DLed from MS and had the same problem. I haven't decided if I'll have Tiger Direct replace it or swap it for something else.
A lfetime warenty isn't much if Tech support won't respond to calls. How much will you fight an out of state company about a $50 mobo?

Also of concern, the only place I see selling them is tiger direct and someone on ebay. You would think that with the price and a Lifetime warenty lots of companies would sell them!


How good are they? I do know one good thing is that they come with a lifetime warranty. You can't beat that.

It is a very good deal

Remember, a 'Lifetime guarantee' only means that it will last till it dies!

It means that if you buy a MST motherboard you will never have to buy another motherboard because if the board goes bad MST replaces it with a new one. Also there are lots of retailers that sale MST products Tigerdirect, newegg, ecost, thenerds.net, page computers, Micro Center and I also hear that CompUSA is fixing to carry them. There tech support is top notch.........I got one of there new 939 boards and it has software integrated that is for overclocking........I called just to make sure I got it set up right and they called me back with in 20 minutes. In all I would buy another MST product if I needed to.

hey did your mobo post....right.......so it's not the motherboard......can you say software issue!!

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