I built this computer from the ground up a few months ago and I've been having this problem ever since I started booting it up. I've updated the drivers for this card a couple of times. I initially installed the 32 bit version of vista, then a couple days ago the 64 bit version. Still having the problem.

Basically, whenever the monitor gets power again or comes back from a standby state, the windows backgroun will go from clear to a blury lined mess after a few minutes. Then, I navigate to display settings and change the resolution from either 1600 x 1200 to 1280 x 1024 or vice versa. So I change it and that fixes the blurry lines the first time. A few minutes later, blurry lines come back, I change resolution back to what it was before, and it goes away for however long I might be at the computer. But this issue persists after time away and the monitor has a chance to go to standby.

Monitor is a 19" Samsung CRT, about 7 years old. I'm planning on going out and getting a new one, but I am curious what exactly the problem is. Monitor or card? I have updated my card drivers several times.

I noticed that in Bethesda's Oblivion, I could start up that game and never experience this issue, however in recently playing Fallout 3, I would often get blurry screen issue, and exiting out of the game and changing the resolution for the game graphics would also fix that issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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resolution is one thing what is the refresh rate set at .

It says 60 seconds.

I had a few different options of refresh rates to go through. As I cycled through them, Two of them gave me the blurry lines, The other two didn't. So is it safe to say my monitor is the cause of this problem? And if anyone would care tos hare with me why it is that would be great. I'm just curious.

monitors have a refresh and resolution limit ,you may be able to find what your monitors is,with a google search of the make and model number ,
my opinion is the monitor is so old ,it cant handle the refresh rate and the high resolution you have set.edit found this if this is yours then see infoTechnical Details,http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Dynaflat-Syncmaster-955DF-Monitor/dp/tech-data/B00004Z9FF/ref=de_a_smtd/175-7614218-2856617

* 1,600 x 1,200 maximum resolution at 68 Hz
* 0.20-millimeter horizontal dot pitch
* DynaFlat "infinitely flat" tube
* Smart III antistatic and antiglare surface treatment
* PC and Mac compatible
remember its 7 yrs old and getting tired

commented: you seem to be making some really good points lately +33

thanks. that's right close to what my monitor is. needed to go out and get a new one anyway, i just wanted to eliminate the possibility of it being the graphics card. thanks again.

Yeah most monitors have an optimum refresh and resolution.

E.g my 3 year old 19" DELL TFT is blurry at 1024x768 or less, but perfect at 1280x1024 (its max). It can do 60,70 or 75 hz refresh rate, but only 60hz yields a decent enough picture.

Just make sure you use the optiumum settings for your monitor.

P.S if you get a new screen, and it has a DVI connector, use this with the DVI connector on your 8600. It will give a better picture than VGA as its digital.

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