Computer died 2 weeks ago. It is a gaming rig that I built myself and it is watercooled. First thought that the PSU died and bought a new one. That did not fix theproblem. Next bought a new motherboard. It is the same model and everything as the old one was almost 1 year old (same as every other component in the rig). Installed the new motherboard and still nothing.

Here's what it does: After turning the switch on the back of the PSU off then waiting for a second or two. I then flip the switch back on and press the power button. The fans turn on and there is a high pitched beep and then everything dies again. If I jump the 4th and 5th pin on the PSU all of the fans turn on and run till I turn it off. When I first installed then new motherboard I hooked up the power to it and it turned on. The motherbard just had the CPU and Memory on it nothing else. It ran for about 5 seconds and then I turned it off again as there were not fans or anything else. I then installed everything and I get the no power problem again.

I have tried everything that I can think of. What am I missing? O' I also tried clearing the CMOS and taking out the memory and trying one stick at a time to see if that would help. Again nothing.

shorting against the case?

which BIOS do you have if it is Award BIOS , then it might be that the CPU is overheating or CPU fan failure,

one other thing you can do is to take everything out and reinstall them one by one turning the computer on after installing each item this should help find the problem

I thought about the motherboard shorting against the case, but that does not explain the problem with the first motherboard. Same problem with both.

The rig is watercooled so no CPU fan. The only thing that I currently have pluged into the Motherboard is the CPU, memory, and the video card. I will try taking out the video card and see what happens.

Could this be a dead CPU as well?

your rig is showing something is either being shorted or is dead, might wana check the ram, one good way to check ram is to pull all ram out and leave one in, then repeat witht he other sticks.

how old is the rig? what type of cpu and cooler?


is it a dead hard-disk?

to test it, take it out and try to boot it on another machine. if it's successful, try booting a different hard drive on your rig.

if the other hard drive boots on your rig,
your hdd is dead.

if you wish to make a backup, try putting the old drive into the freezer overnight or a hour.

(i heard this is only a temporary fix)

if it was a bad hard disk it would still get to a BIOS screen

Thanks all, it was a dead video card. At least that is what I am thinking right now. I unpluged the video card and everything powered up normally, I think (no Video card) Hopefully that is all that is wrong and I can get it back up and runnig soon. Thanks for all the help

ooh if you had a old one, get a 9800gtx it rocks! good bang for yer buck

yeah but they are huge, expensive + power hungry

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