I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7T1L. When I power on the power light on front is on and the 3 lights next to the power switch remain on. Nothing else happens.
thanks in advance.

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Try removing the battery for a few seconds to hard-reset the laptop (no AC either).


What's with the recipe?

What's with the recipe?

women's forum habit ,make a comment ,share a recipe! LOL

or a bribe for you help!

I tried that, didn't work. Does anybody know the diagnostic codes for the leds?
I removed hard drive, cdrom, wifi card, cleaned memory. I did remove the cosmos battery for 15 minutes and it did power up once and now back to 3 lights on again.
The reason for the recipe is simple. simple to make and really good to eat. so share the wealth.

Try this:
Remove the battery, plug in the AC and power it on.

If it works, that means the battery is dead.

(That is my recipe, he he)

Edit: I don't think that there are any diagnostic led codes.

I don't think they are diagnostic indicators either ,there should be a symbol by each light and what it represents,like harddrive ,power, ,ect ect

If any, diagnostic codes would come from beeper.
But, given the possibility that the battery might be the root of the problem, it is possible that any diagnostic codes wouldn't be possible. The battery would drain most of the power needed to operate the laptop at all. Such batteries are hazardous to other parts, especially the AC charger.