Hi there,

The problem i have is that my laptop has two FUJITSU harddrives 250gb each it used to work properly both of them on RAID 0 configuration. But one of them gave me an error of loosing all the data on it and make a backup which i did.

So nothing happened after that it worked perfectly. i tried to install OSX86 on my second HDD but what happened that it installed it on my first one because OSX86 was seeing RAID HDD as two individual HDD, but for some reason it installed and wiped out and Formatted Disk 0. So i tried recovering by Formatting Disk0 to NTFS through OSX86 installation. so i managed to recover my one of 250gb HDD but my seocnd still shows up under BIOS and Under raid saying non raid disk. But it is not showing up under Device Manager and also under Disk Management on Vista.

So does any one know how can i make my second non raid disk to be active and use it as second HDD rather than doing RAID0 configuration for whole thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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You may need to reformat the second disk. just go in and use partition magic or something like that and wipe the second one, then try and set up raid

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