Hi this is my first post and im a novice with computers so please bear with me.
i have a compaq presario about 3 1/2 years old. has worked perfectly till the other morning. switched on got lights, fans started but made different noise as though no load on them, nothing on screen. friend suggested graphic card fault. as need for kids A level work went to PC Wo*$?d tech guys they tried new card still same. after reading some posts on your site also tried removing and replacing Ram still nothing but dont have spare to try. is this a likely prob. Today took out hard drive and recovered all data so this is ok. no visible signs of burn out on any hardwear any suggestions? please.

If you boot the pc with the memory removed do you get a different beep code?

If you boot the pc with the memory removed do you get a different beep code?

sorry should have said no sound either

fans started but made different noise as though no load on them

Have you checked the CPU?

In case it helps, I'll repeat what I advised in another post.
The classic checks when you switch on are:

1 The keyboard lights should flash
2 The fans should be audible
3 The disk light should flash and you should hear the disk whirr

If nothing more happens (i.e. the disk doesn't click and there is no display), then there are usually one (or all) of four possibilities:

A There is a power problem for the CPU
B There is RAM corruption
C There is a CPU malfunction
D The BIOS has become corrupted (but that usually causes a displayed error)

If the disk whirrs but the drive light doesn't come on, that means that the disk has received no instruction to do anything which is consistent with any of the above mentioned fault scenarios.

Other brainios can no doubt expand my list, but that's the basics of it.

Your description fits the above and so there appears to be a cpu/motherboard malfunction including power to the various motherboard services.

If the PC is mission critical and you've saved your data, then I wouldn't mess around with an old PC. But what I'm suggesting may be an expensive option.

Suspihio thanks for your help. i have friend who thinks has spare ram, m/board and cpu ! so will give it a try and let you know. will be cheapest option, but with prices as they are a new machine is not such an expensive option now.
also i know its off topic but as im new
where is best place to find reasonable price rimm ram to upgrade from 2x 128mb for another older machine

Be careful with the RAM upgrade to be sure that you know the limit that the older PC will support. Then look at the manual for the RAM type and go on the web like ebuyer.com or Misco.co.uk.

RAM isn;t that expensive so as to make PC-World a rip off either.

Thanks again
have now started thread on the ram issue i ram confused
will keep you informed on dead screen problem