DELL inspiron 8200 - displayNVIDIA GeForce4 440 GO I was installing microsoft office 2007, after the system rebooted, thescreen whent black, the laptop is runing, i can turn on and off capslock, you can see some light on the screen, a connected a externalmonitor, but does not work, i managed to start in safe mode with theexternal monitor, i download the latest driver for the videocontroler,\the display adapter is : NVIDIA Geforce4 440 go, i used the systemrestore but did not work. any help please, the laptop is no mine if ido not fix it, i will have to paid for it.

In Safe mode, you might need to right click on Desktop, and in Properties/Settings choose the external monitor as the primary display.

Then, hopefully, it will boot in normal mode with the external display.

This then means that laptop screen circuitry or the screem iteslf has failed and can't be blamed on you, I'd have thought.

In safe mode i dont get any options for external monitors, also in the adapter tab, the adapter information is unavailable, any other ideas??

OK - I tried it just now and you're right. I should have tried it before advising!

When you've booted in Normal Mode (or indeed while you're booting) what happens if you hit Fn F8 to switch you to the external monitor?

We have the same problem. =(

You can read through the comments here, you'll probably see similar symptoms with your laptop. The laptop-guy also replies to each comment. =)

My gf's laptop did this about a year ago, and she considered it dead, the other night while i was at her house i got bored, unscrewed it all, both back and lcd bit, i just dusted everything down, pushed the connextion cables in a bit better put it all back together. It works fine now :O

Hello, I need help!! my laptop powers up but the screen stays black? not sure whay this has happened. the laptop is about 10 years old and is a COMPAQ Presario 1200... any suggestions? thanks Brian
I have a bunch of pictures like my daughters first day in the hospital and birthdays and everyting else, would really like to get this machine to work

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