Hi everyone I was unable to turn off my pc a few months ago and had to turn off power supply to shut it down, I was then unable to reboot so gave up on it and brought a new one. I am now wanting to get photos etc out of old pc so gave it another go, to my suprise it rebooted but keeps freezing on boot up, it gets as far as

testing memory: 1048576k ok

I am also unable to use the DEL or f9 options
I have also tried using f8 but to no avail.

Any help would be great.

You may have to remove the Hard Drive from your old pc and use it as a slave in your new pc (if possible).
You may then be able to retrieve your files.

Thanks for your suggestion sparkax but that is way out of my league, think I would only make a mess of that if i tried. Lol...