Hey all,

I could use some advice on trouble shooting a USB keyboard and its interaction with Windows XP.

Scenario: My parents just replaced their old Dell (from about 5 years ago). However, when I looked at their back up, after switching their computer over phisically, I noticed their back up from the old PC was incomplete. Now I have the old computer set up on the side to complete the back-up, yet I can not log in because of the keyboard/mouse issue. I have until the 7th to fix this before I go back to Washington State University for the Spring Semester (go Cougs).

Here is the Problem:
Both Keyboard and Mouse are unresponsive at the Windows XP login page. to the point of num-lock not even working.

Tested: both a wired Dell keyboard and mouse (USB) and with USB-PS/2 converter for keyboard
Wireless Logitech single USB connector

Rsults are the same with both

Keyboard works for BIOS and recovery console.

Problem: I have no other keyboards available to help resolve this problem

Any ideas on what to do next would be appricated.

Thank you in advance,

Scott Sloane

So I managed to figure this out. I took the usb keyboard/mouse that used to be used on the old computer. Then tried every USB port combination until I found where they used to be used. Then was able to log in and install the new keyboard and mouse. What a hassle. I hate how XP views every USB port differently.