Ok so my external hardrive stores a lot of my programs and ALL of my music.
Whenever I used to plug in my hardrive it came up as Elements(F) so of course everything links to that name, my itunes imports music to elements(F) as do my programs.
So i plugged in my memory stick the other day and that came up as MemoryStick(F), then when i plugged in my hardrive that changed to elements(G)
So basically nothing now works because my hardrive went from Elements(F) to Elements(G)
Itunes cannot locate any of my music
Programs cant find the files they need because its not F anymore
Unless I want to locate all 5000 of my songs and reinstall all my programs again I don;t know what I can do
How do I make my hardrive go back to (F)?

When I go on safely remove hardware it has my hardrive listed followed by Generic Volume - (G:), whats generic volume and does it have something to do with it


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it worked! lol

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