These devices are not detected in the BIOS & actually do not work (cannot open cd writer tray). But when i remove the IDE cables from these devices leaving only the power cable connected then they work. Any solutions?

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IDE cable backwards?

That's all I can think of. :mrgreen:

Nope, IDE cable is connected properly

Are they on the same cable? Maybe both are master, or both slave...(just guessing)

ive fixed the problem ive swapped out the cables, seems as tho the cables were bad, but now when i boot up i get this message:
"Reboot and select proper boot device"

the hard drive is not dead it works fine on another pc also i cant seem to boot from cd or floppy bios settings are all ok.

I would double check the jumper settings on all drives...
Do you have CD and Hard drive on different cables, ie orimary and secondary?

Odd that it does not boot to the floppy...
Set the BIOS to boot to the floppy first.... and see what happens...

What OS is on the hard drive that it works on another PC...
What is the configuration on that PC when you test it... (Only Drive in System?)
Have you duplicated that in yor system...?

Jumper settings are all ok, CD & HDD are on different cables, OS is XP, done all the others things you have specified still no luck.

I can think of only a few causes:

- Both devices on the same interrupt
- Both devices have the same IDE address
- Too much load on the power supply 12 line
- Motherboard or driver board failure

help.. i also have the same problem here. it happened after a power failure. the cdrom sometimes work.

the cdrom works if i dont connect any IDE cable with it.

the hard disk works on another computer

Baby, you need to start a new thread to avoid confusion.

The error message "reboot and select proper boot device" occurs because the hardware does not recognises proper boot files. There may be a problem with one of your IDE( CD rom or Harddisk). Try a new IDE cable for both CD rom and Harddisk. If the problem persist try a new cd rom with your pc. Or better try a new Harddisk and Cd rom with your PC.

hi... i own sony vaio vgn fs570. recently i've reinstall windows xp. after all, my laptop went wrong. some keyboard keys are not function (arrow keys, shift etc) dvd rom also not read any disc (i/o error appears). but it can ejected when we prompt to do. (right click and eject) i have sony recovery cd but since dvd rom cannot read any cd, i cannot use that cd. plse help any one!

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