there nothing wrong with the graphic card but the computer is running & there nothing on the monitor & it wont turn off when using the ON/OFF switch(you have to turn the plug at the switch off or remove the cable that supply the PC with power). what could be problem here?


well when your lights and fans come on when you start the pc does not mean that the pc is actuallu working,this just means that your PSu is working and that those components are receiving power! If you do have a pc speaker which should be able to tell you a bit more of the problem but if it does not give you any beeps then the chances of you mobo being blown is pretty good! especially when you say that you have to shutdown the pc via the mains(ive had this problem with clients pcs a lot) you will have to check this manually,remove all of the components from the pc except your graphics card(if you have onboard then take it out) install a pc speaker and turn the pc on,if it gives you a beep error then you can diagnose the problem by removing and swoping the components that are installed (one of 3, motherboard,cpu and ram) if you do not get a beep then i can say with certainty that it is you mobo!